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Looking backward...

History of My Hobby

Some hobbies have a rich history or background. While it's not necessary to know the background in order to enjoy the hobby, it can sometimes enhance the experience. For example, a hobby site about mask making might include some information on this page about the history of masks.

My Background
    Welcome!  I've been in the art game since birth, I guess.  My mother
said I drew a recognizeable cat at 6 months old, with a crayon on the floor.  It's just kept going from there.  I have been in illustration in a variety of capacities, including advertising, comics & cover illos, for the
better part of thirty years, & still love what I do.
   I own & operate Gem Studios, a multi-service outfit that handles all production chores, & do freelance work for a number of publishers.  I
have been absent from the arena for a number of years though, & am
just getting back into it, actively seeking collaborative projects with other creators. 
   Enjoy this site & my other one at:
then post a response at my ''e" mail , or sign my guestbook at both sites.   Thanks for dropping by.