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Long & short of it:

My name is George McVey and I run GEM Studios, now a part of Hamtramck Idea Men, which I run with Michael Marcus. I'm a long time fan and participant in the graphic storytelling industry. So far, I have gotten my stuff out there through a couple dozen publishers, past and present, with more pending release. With Idea Men, Michael and I publish our own work as well as freelance to do your work.

One such work is ACTUAL COMICS #1, a Superman mythos parody starring what I thought was a "toss off" character named Oopsyman. It's done in a cross between MAD Magazine and "realistic" style and has been described as "a reminder of classic undergrounds melded with The INFERIOR 5. A wonderfully clueless hero" by Tim Temmel of CF Comics, which published its own version of AC1. Sadly, CF Comics is no more, but Tim Temmel heads TBT Comics, so there's hope for the future.

DynaMite Press/ GEM Studios' title, TERRA 2920, is being published in fusion with PORTAL PRIME as a full-sized comic, the two stories alternating every month through the new company.

Much of my other work is going into our anthology series, IF-X, meant to encompass ideas in "Startle," "You Say You Like Heroes?" and "Legends of IF" and reach beyond them. In addition, I'm working with Michael on MIS-TRANSIT, which is kind of what you get when you mix alternate realities with a little Buddhist mysticism.

Anyway, if you want to contact me, try e-mail.


George McVey