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My Resume (info pending cataloguing)

George McVey


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To reach people through my stories and art and bring a little joy into their lives... and, of course, a chance to correspond with others of like mind. Yes, I'd like a fan base--anyone in the industry does--but a chance to actually connect with another like-minded soul isclick here to e-mail me. Don't be shy. Drop a line.


   I've been in the comics industry, on & off (mostly off) for better than 3 decades. In that time I've handled about every aspect of the industry, from
concept to distribution & all points between. Following are a few of the places
that have published, or currently publish, my work, in a number of capacities.

1984: HEROES' BLOOD Graphic Novel................................. Oracle Press
(this one never got published, but I use some of the images occasionally in downloads)
This one I co-scripted, pencilled, inked (greytones), and lettered. Never got
fully paid, since I assume the publisher ran short of funds. Still, it was good
experience on what the industry can throw at you. 128 pages total story.
I still have the original cover concept painting (unfinished, due to publisher's
financial state). Anyone interested in me finishing it, let me know.
1987: ZOLASTRAYA & THE BARD, Twilight Twins Productions, issues2& 3
Issue 2: two pinups &; two ads, 1 for a "Z & B "T"" & 1 for the aforementioned HEROES' BLOOD, that was finally supposed to see
publication, but didn't.
Issue 3: pinup, inside back cover
   Unfortunately, this fine title went the way of many of its lesser fellows in
the Implosion. Terry & Zola should try again in today's market. Could be a
different story today.
1987: The REALM, from Arrow Comics, issues 10 & 11
Full letters on both issues.
Dunno what happened after 11, but Arrow was restructuring at the time, so..
1999: The SOULWATCHER, from Triumph Comics, issues 2 & 3
Issue 2: Cover art, interior pinup
Issue 3: Cover art (1st printing), interior finishes & inks
Another publisher who bowed out too early.
2003: TERRA 2920, from DynaMite Press, issue 1 of 6 available now by
"e" contact with me. (2nd print run 2004)
This series is one of my solo projects that's finally seeing release. Story, art
& letters are by me.
"Mutants, mayhem, adventure, intrigue, romance & betrayal in a land where
only the crazy survive." And that's just the TIP of the iceberg.
2004: ACTUAL COMICS #1, from Gem Studios (sound familiar?) one shot(?)  (Also published by CF Comics, in a variant edition. Don't know if any of that edition are available). Also published by CLASSIC FUN COMICS.
Another of my solo projects, this time in a more whimsical vein. An homage/parody of the Superman mythos, Oopsyman has a heart of gold, a
brain of mud, & a smell like a Florida swamp.
2004: PORTAL PRIME, from Findlay Comics, in COMICS #s 2+3. Lost contact with Findlay, but series
picked up by DynaMite Press for 2005 release.
2004: TODDLE TOWN, from QuarterTwo Productions, issues 1,2 & TODDLE TOWN FLIPSIDE #1. (All QuarterTwo titles are minis)
A daycare humor strip that is more cartoon style
WOTTA LIFE #1, from QuarterTwo Productions
More cartoon humor, starring Henry Wotta & a cast of (?)
2005: PORTAL PRIME picked up by DynaMite Press,
reprinting first 2 chapters printed by Findlay Comics &
finishing mini- saga in a 4 issue limited series of 2 chapters each.
2005: PennyBack Press publishes  STARTLE! #1(anthology of 4 stories & a pair of pinups, all by me), LEGENDS OF IF #1 (anthology of 2 stories by me), & You Say You Like HEROES? #1(spotlight series featuring different heroes)  #1 features my character NIGHTOWL in a story by me, pencil roughed by Bill Bryan, artist of Arrow Comics OZ series, finished, inked  & lettered by me, & Matt Feazell= creator/artist of fan
fave CYNICALMAN, adds a special ink assist.
2005: Full Circle Comix publishes IMAGINE #9, featuring a back cover promo illo for George McVey's revamp of fan fave Matt Bucher's INSECT HUNTER character. 2005: Full Circle Comix publishes AMAZING STORIES #15, with a 7 page INSECT HUNTER story written, drawn & lettered by George McVey.
2005: GEM Studios, Xyopli, Renderbooks & U-CAP Comics publish But For The GRACE in digest, mini & ArtZine formats.
2005: NoFun Films releases HAMTRAGIC-The Movie, featuring a DVD jacket illo by GeoMc, who also acts in film.
2006:TBT COMICS publishes HERO DUJOUR #1, featuring a five page story written & pencilled by Tim Temmel and inked & lettered by GEM Studios' George McVey. 2006: TBT Comics publishes TBT TRIPLED ACTION #1, with George McVey inks over Tim Temmel pencils for the cover & over Jim Thompson for the centerspread double splash. 2006: TBT Comics publishes TBT TRIPLED ACTION #2, featuring a George McVey cover colored by Tim Temmel, plus a 12 page interior story written, pencilled & lettered by TBT's Stan Kirby & inked by GEM Studios' George McVey. 2006: TBT Comics publishes SUPERTEAM G-X, featuring logo by GEM Studios' George McVey & a pinup parody/homage of an X-MEN cover featuring the SuperTeam by the same George McVey. 2006: NoFun Films releases The IMPATIENT EXORCIST movie short, featuring GeoMc art for DVD jacket. PENDING RELEASE...........................................
ULTROPOLIS COMICS with "The LOST GOOD-BYE", written by Lucas
Perks and illustrated & lettered by me. Publication date is currently unknown. I've lost touch with them as well.
TBT Comics has a bunch of my stuff slated for publication in different titles, including HERO DUJOUR, TBT TRIPLED ACTION & SUPERTEAM G-X. (see GEMArt I-Kandy sites for more info via links on this site)
MAIN Enterprises has picked up my SISTER STEEL concept, due to come out in
their PHANTASCAPE title around August, 2006.
I'm sure I'm missing some publishers that have simply graced their pages with my pinups, but I'll think more & add new info as I can.
That's it, for now, but keep stoppin' by.  Bye  Buy (I like the last one best)lol

Job Title:  CREATOR