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This is what the readers, retailers & publishers have to say about......
GEM Studios titles in general:
I really enjoyed them. A very impressive package. Classic style comics, chockablock with action. Definitely what small press is about; unbound creativity. Any reader could get gaught up in these zines.
JASON SACKS, moderator of ULTRAZINE yahoo group

LEGENDS 0f IF, from PennyBack Press......
"I liked it a lot! More than I expected to."
Sean Bieri-Creator/Publisher of JAPE
"Cool title. Looking forward to future issues."
Manolo Carbon-Comic Fan
"Zombies that actually look like zombies...Hellicool!"
Mike Keller-Comic Fan
"Righteous main story; sweet backup. A definite A+ book, & it's small press! Who'da thunk it?"
Larry Meich-Owner of Back Door Comics
"Zombie bikers! Cool."
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
STARTLE!, from PennyBack Press......
"If you want quality & variety, you'll definitely find it here."
James Alan Miller-Comic Fan
"Better than the comics that brought me back into comics."
Sean Bieri- Creator/Publisher of JAPE
"Great stories & art, at an affordable price. About time!"
Jenny Bice-Comic Fan
"This guy should be Mainstream!"
Jerry Bales-Comic Fan
"Fun. I liked the twists"
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
You Say You Like HEROES?, from PennyBack Press....
"A potential competitor with Mainstream titles."
John Kraine-'Future Fan' Reviewer
"Leaves you wanting more GEM Studios work. Great Stuff!"
Karen Maloof-Comic Fan
"Bryan & Feazell are familiar names to fans, but McVey .....Watch this guy. He's GOOD!"
Rachel Hunt-Small Press Fan
"GeoMc...What a TRIP! Seems he's EVERYWHERE these days. Not complaining, though. Keep it coming."
Cary Moldoff-Comic Fan & Critic
"The plot really carried the story along."
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
TERRA 2920 Limited Series, from DynaMite Press.....
"Highly detailed, in story & art."
Bill Bryan-Arrow Comics OZ artist
"Great story, Cool art. Too bad it's a limited series."
Marc Chezny-Comic Fan
"Pulls the stops with all the bells & whistles."
Matt Feazell-Creator/Artist of CYNICALMAN
"Why Small Press? This is Mainstream material."
Geof Braye-Owner of American Dream Comics; U.K.
"I really like the feel of it. Kind of an odd strip, which made me enjoy it more."
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
PORTAL PRIME Mini Series, DynaMite Press......
"George McVey ROCKS! Don't believe it? Check out PORTAL PRIME!"
Unknown Reviewer-Rising Star Web Revues
"Straight up cool!"
Quan Pak-Comic Fan
"Have you seen PORTAL PRIME? If not, you're missing
a great story & phenomenal art."
"Johnny Blaze"-Reviewer for GHOST WRITER magazine
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
ACTUAL COMICS, from GEM Studios......
"One of the best Small Press parodies in years."
Bob Carly-owner Bob's Comics & Collectibles
"Looks like Bob Crumb's work."
Al Feldstein-Editor, MAD Magazine
"A wonderfully clueless hero...A mix between classic undergrounds & the INFERIOR 5"
Tim Temmel-Editor, TBT Comics
"Clever & entertaining."
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
But For The GRACE..from GEM Studios & other imprints.
"A controversial story with stunning art."
Marvin Paska-Comic Fan
"A 'MUST HAVE' for the serious collector."
Michael Moore-'Brit Bits' reviewer
"Risque subject matter.. Phenomenal art!"
Allen Corby-Comic Fan
"All I can say is....."Whoah...DUDES!""
Jerry Dee-Owner 'Dee's B Da Ones' bookstore
"Wonderfully drawn."
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group
AMAZING STORIES #15....from Full Circle Comix
"Intriguing. Any more stories of INSECT HUNTER?"
Jason Sacks-ULTRAZINE yahoo group