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(except TBT Comics titles, which can be purchased from TBT,

accessible via link on FAVORITE LINKS page on this site)

This is an update posted 9/25/2007. Here's what's available in Digest Form:

LEGENDS of IF #1 PennyBack Press $1.74(+s&h)
Ongoing anthology title of varied genres & styles

You Say You Like HEROES? #1 PennyBack Press $1.49(
Ongoing Series spotlighting new characters

STARTLE! #1 PennyBack Press $1.74(+s&h)
Ongoing anthology title of varied styles & genres #2 slated for SPACE 2007

Here we have the first trio of titles from PennyBack Press, a GEM Studios affiliate imprint. Check 'em out. Heck, buy some.

LEGENDS Of IF #1 has a pair of stories about bikers, zombies, & a mother's grief. All work by George McVey.  #2 scheduled for late December/early January release at this point.

STARTLE! #1 has 4 stories & a pair of pinups to entice with dragons, elves, aliens & a warped monkey. Widely varied in styles, though each came from George McVey.

STARTLE!#2 has been rescheduled for release February 15th, 2007. Watch for it.

You Say You Like HEROES? #1 has the story of a superheroine(?) who is more than slightly unhinged.
WAY MORE! Story by George McVey, pencil roughs by
Bill Bryan, pencil finishes & inks by George McVey, with a slight
assist from Matt Feazell. #2 has been rescheduled for a Summer '07 release. Cover illo by Bill Bryan.

And below we have a pair of titles brought to you by DYNAMiTE PRESS. Both have received very favorable reviews
from an international fanbase.

From DYNA-MiTE PRESS.......

Number 2 slated to debut at SPACE '07

TERRA 2920 #1 from DYNA-MiTE PRESS
Number 2 sceduled for Spring 2007 release at SPACE

TERRA 2920 #2 (of 6)
Available for sale Nov. 15th

PORTAL PRIME is a techno-barian tale of light & dark factions

& their effort to control a wormhole type portal that can transfer things galactic distances in the blink of an eye.
A 4 issue limited series created & brought to you by George McVey, it has gotten rave reviews from an international fanbase. Check it out, & discover that mainstream quality CAN be found in Small Press. 2nd issue slated for Summer/Fall release.
Second issue of this limited series will be available for sale February 1st 2007.
Watch for it.

And then we have....

TERRA 2920, a 6 issue limited series about an Earth ravaged
by interstellar war, rediscovered by the inhabitants of the
colony of LUNA PRIME on Earth's moon. Best described as "Mutants, Madness, Mayhem...& Robot Love" this series has also received international attention & acclaim. Check it out as well. We're pretty sure you'll be glad you did.
This series is also created, drawn & brought to you by George McVey, one of the rising stars of Small Press.
Below number 1 of this limited series is the second book . This issue, slated for release November 15th, 2006 has been pushed back a month. Watch for it.

From GEM Studios.......

ACTUAL COMICS #1 from GEM Studios & other imprints
Parody/homage of the Superman mythos,published by a quartet of publishers so far. Who knows

But For The GRACE....GEM Studios Edition
A controversial piece handled by a quartet of publishers, in a variety of formats.

HERO DUJOUR #1 from TBT Comics
5 page GeoMc inks/letters over Tim Temmel story/pencils

TBT TRIPLED ACTION #1 from TBT Comics(TBT link on
LINKS page) GeoMc inks over Tim Temmel on cover & Jim Thompson on centerfold

SUPERTEAM G-X from TBT Comics (TBT link on LINKS p
Interior GeoMc parody/homage pinup & GeoMc logo

                      ......PennyBack Press......
LEGENDS OF I.F.#1(anthology/full color covers,bw int. digest...20pgs)...PennyBack Press....$1.74(+s&h)  Bikers, zombies & a mother grieves... "What seems too good to be true could just be Too BAD! Stories & art by George McVey, aka GeoMc
You Say You Like HEROES?#1(ongoing series of possible 1-shot stories, depending on fan response)
full color covers,bw int...digest...16pgs)...PennyBack Press...$1.49(+s&h)...a McVey/Bryan/Feazell collab
Bill Bryan cover illo. George McVey provides story, detail finishes & letters over Arrow Comics OZ artist Bill Bryan's pencil roughs, with a
special ink assist from CYNICALMAN creator/artist Matt
Feazell. See if you can spot his stuff.
This story is also slated for publication as part of the ARROW COMICS 20TH ANNIVERSARY ALMANAC,
featuring many notable Arrow alumni that went on to pro
jobs mainstream, & a yet to be determined title from TBT Comics.Number 2 slated for release Summer of 2007.
STARTLE! `The Indy That DOES!#1(anthology/full color
covers,bw int...digest...20pgs)...PennyBack Press... $1.74(+s&h) 4 stories, 2 pinups & a cover by GeoMc,
widely varied in styles, genres & humor. Number 2 slated to
premiere at SPACE 2007.
                                  ......DynaMite Press......
TERRA 2920#1(6 issue limited series/full color covers ,
bw int...digest...32pgs)...DynaMite Press...$2.50(+s&h)  "Mutants, Madness, Mayhem... & Robot love! What on EARTH is this world COMING to?" Find out in the pages of this series. George McVey does all the work on this one again. Number 2 scheduled for release at SPACE 2007, so watch for it.
PORTAL PRIME#1(4 issue mini-series/full color covers
bw int...digest...20pgs)...DynaMite Press...$2.00(+s&h)
(formerly published in COMICS #  2&3..Findlay Comics)
Worlds collide as dark & light vie over a portal that can
move things & people anywhere or anywhen. Another of
George McVey's solo creations, this one's gotten raves.
Number 2 slated to debut at SPACE 2007.
                                 ......GEM Studios......
ACTUAL COMICS#1(ongoing series/full color covers,
bw int...digest count & price varies with publisher)...
GEM Studios...CF Comics...Classic Fun Comics...check
with me for further info
Parody/homage of the SUPERMAN mythos that Al Feldstein of MAD Magazine says: "Looks like Bob Crumb's work." Come meet OOPSYMAN, a "wonderfully clueless hero."
But For The GRACE(1 shot/full color cover,bw int... digest...12pgs)...GEM Studios(& others)...$1.00
(This book is being published simultaneously by 3 other publishers in a trio of formats beside GEM's version.)
Gary Freeman & George McVey (using pseudonyms) team up for this rather controversial look at what might have happened if the darkside had been the prime influence at the time of the Christian Saviour's birth. This one has sparked some very LIVELY conversations.
Contact me for further info.
 That's it for full books from the Studio for now, but a number of other publishers are using GEM stuff in their anthology titles. such as....
                           ......Full Circle Comix......
AMAZING STORIES#15(anthology, ongoing series/ black/tan cover,bw int...digest...28pgs...4 stories)...Full Circle Comix ...$2.00
A 7 page INSECT HUNTER story, written & drawn by George McVey, revamping origin & setting up new storylines that never materialized, because FCC decided to close its doors. I still have some copies for sale, though. This character has been approved for GEM Studios publication & will appear in You Say You Like HEROES? from PennyBack Press.
IMAGINE#9(artist spotlight series) George McVey's
updated INSECT HUNTER promo is back cover.
From TBT COMICS....... TBT featureS a number of titles using GEM Studios work. HERO DUJOUR #1 features a 5 page lead story written & pencilled by Tim Temmel and lettered & inked by GeoMc. TBT TRIPLED ACTION #1 features GeoMc inks over Tim Temmel pencils for the cover illo, and a centerspread pinup inked by GeoMc over Jim Thompson's pencils. TBT TRIPLED ACTION #2 sports a GeoMc cover, with a nine page interior story pencilled by Stan Kirby & inked by George McVey. SUPERTEAM G-X #1 features a parody/homage pinup by GeoMc, as well as the logo design, also from GeoMc.
                          ......PENDING RELEASE......
From DynaMite Press/GEM Studios......
TERRA 2920 #2(0f 6) is slated for debut at SPACE 'O7
PORTAL PRIME #2(of 4) also slated to debut at SPACE '07
From PennyBack Press.......
STARTLE #2 is also scheduled for a SPACE '07 debut.
LEGENDS of IF #2 is on the roster, but has been delayed due to the volume of work that's come into the Studio. Hopefully this one will debut at SNAP! '07.
You Say You Like HEROES? #2 should also debut at SNAP '07
From TBT Comics.....
From TBT COMICS..... Done, and currently available from TBT is TBT TRIPLED ACTION #2, featuring a time travel tale written, pencilled & lettered by TBT's Stan Kirby and inked by the
same George McVey. Cover is also by George McVey.
TBTTA#2 is scheduled for June/July '06 release.
From Main Enterprises:
PHANTASCAPE #1, available March '07, features George McVey's SISTER STEEL. Main continues to
publish this creation in PHANTASCAPE #2 & succeeding issues of this title. Cover image now up for this title, sans logo.
Gotta run right now, but I'll add more later.  GeoMc

Just so you know who/what of my stuff is in
PHANTASCAPE #1 from Main Enterprises

Cover image (sans logo) PHANTASCAPE #1 from Main
Enterprises ( available March, '07)